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    Hello and welcome to our new Seasonal Advice "blog" on keeping all of your valuable property maintained and ready for all of the seasons. We hope you will enjoy reading these "reminders" of what you might (should) want to do to keep your trees, shrubs, lawn and property safe and enjoyable for yourself, your family and your visitors. And yes, your business also since landscaping is the first reflection of quality and service. If you have any comments or questions, please Contact US. We always try to help. Blessings,  "Tim the Tree Man", serving our customers since 1988.
2017 July, August Seasonal Advice
Weather: has been very hot & muggy. Some folks have had to water their gardens & lawns. We received July 5th alot of rain which was most welcome in VA. Am sure all your plants are going to just "pop" out of the ground, & regretfully so are the weeds! Although most of us use some kind of mulch, some weeds are persistant as is some unwanted kinds of grass that "runs" over & underground. We have that too & are constantly pulling it up. We tried digging it up only to find the tiniest roots we missed undo all our efforts. Mulch does not help with this "grass" & I use that term loosly. We cannot use a chemical either, however we have found tarpaper as a last resort, keeps it in check. We will try something else in the fall....

So what to do in July? Lots to do if you have not started in June. Deadhead flowering plants & save the seeds; trim back flowering shrubs (should have been done last month or at end of bloom); plant some of your fall garden like black-eyed peas, more summer squash, more winter squash or pumpkins. Train vine plants to suit on a trellis if you haven't done so already. Feed all plants with your choice of fertilizer. Cutting the grass: the VA. Extension Service recommends cutting at a height of 3" to let the grass maintain its health & to let it spread so weeds won't take over. When you mow "down to the ground" you: may kill the grass, or invite weed seeds to tuck themselves into spaces you cannot see until they sprout. Mowing so short is something You do thinking you won't have to mow so often - and you won't, BUT you will be sorry later when you have to reseed & get those weeds out.

August: time for the fall garden - broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, collards, turnips for greens, & salad greens. Why plant in August? The seeds grown now will appreciate the weather change & are considered "cold crops" which means they usually will produce larger healthier stems & vegetable heads without "bolting". There is also an added benefit - no worms on the broccoli & brussel sprouts or on the kale or collards or beetles on the rest of the crop - yeaa! We have harvested fall broccoli heads as big as a dinner plate - think of that....
Late August is also time to start some seeds you will be planting into the flower bed - perennials - or if they require cold, then wait till cooler weather.

Cucumber - Quick Pickle Recipe: Must have saved any pickle juice to make 1 pint.
Wash & slice fresh cukes - do not peel. Enough to fill One Pint saved Pickle jar.
Heat to boiling saved pickle juice (in enamel pan). Fill empty clean pickle jar w/sliced cukes & pour hot pickle juice over to top. Seal with your clean pickle jar lid. Let sit until cool enough to put into Fridge. Wait overnite or 2 days before opening to enjoy.

We are still selling firewood. Give us a call or an email and let us know you "wood" like some delivered. We are happy to serve you. Blessings, Tim  Our Firewood page to order or buy.  
We also have a new website all devoted to firewood, kindling, camping wood & fire starters. Please check it out - Thanks, Tim

Did you know we deliver cut to suit firewood and stack it up neatly at you home. We also supply restaurants that use firewood. If you have an outdoor fire-pit, you may want some smaller wood (not coal) - let us know.
                       Here's a tip on firewood - convenience is nice having it stacked next to the door - but don't do it unless you want wood boring insects and roaches walking right in. Instead have a safe dry place, covered, at least 5 feet away from your home. Get a cloth wood carrier with closed ends to bring wood into your home & immediately put the wood into your fireplace or wood stove (bugs wake up when they get warm!).

   CHIMNEY CARE:  When was the last time you had your chimney cleaned? Unlined brick holds creosote and soot which can catch fire easily. Now is the best time to get that done before fall. Better be safe than sorry. We recommend a local company that can provide this service for a reasonable price: .

We want you to enjoy your home in all seasons of the year. If we can help, just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you - serving all of northern VA & Wash. DC. Member BBB of Richmond. Blessings, Tim

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