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Tree and Stump Removal


Thank you for your interest in our TREE and Stump Services

Tim Corbin's Professional Tree Services is a Member of TCIA. We provide Complete Professional Licensed & Insured Services for your Residential or Commercial Trees. We Know Trees and their Value to Your Property. We are Knowledgeable and up to date on all Tree Service problems, care and repair. Our Estimates will be fair and in Writing. We will also be happy to provide suggestions for Care of Your Valuable Landscape Trees which contribute to the value of your property.

Here are some of the Benefits of Keeping Your Trees Healthy and Providing you some "Peace of Mind" !

   Tim's Tree Service will perform the Services you Request and/or advise you, the customer, our recommendations for the problem (s) at hand. We are guided by our Training, Arborists' guidelines, and extensive Experience. Please see our Email Form Below to request out services or give us a call. Thank you, Tim
Tree Removal

    We will completely remove your tree by climbing with all Safety precautions and Roping Down Individual Limbs keeping all Limbs away from 1) your home or out building, or 2) Power Lines, 3)Fences or other Trees.

   OR - we will safely remove the limbs using our crane - boom truck which can safely sit in your front yard while the crane can get to your backyard. This is especially useful if the tree is resting on your home, making safe removal easier by lifting it from your home.

    Cabling: reinforces the strength of One Trunk or Tying a Twin Trunk Tree together with Stainless Steel Cable & fittings.

    Cavity Filling: remove dead interior wood & replace with a solid material which will adhere to the inside making an impermeable repair against further decay, water and insects.

    Crown Reduction: remove the top of the tree only as necessary as it may obstruct or come in contact with Power Lines. Tim Corbin's Tree Service and national Arborists do not recommend this practice for an otherwise healthy tree.  This reduces the trees' power to feed itself by loss of foliage and may lead to dieback or complete death of your tree.  This drastic option used to
resize a large tree usually proves regrettable.  We advise only removing as little as possible to maintain the good health of your tree.

    Feeding roots: We feed your tree roots,provide nutrients for the health of your trees.

    Planting: we will plant your Trees for You.

    Dead-wooding: We remove dead or dying limbs from your trees or dying  limbs.

    Thinning & Elevating: We remove interior & inferior limbs as necessary. Remove lower limbs for better air-flow or owner visibility.

    Trimming: shaping a tree.

    Spraying or Micro-injection: We apply chemical treatment for pests.
Picture of Grub Larva that may be in your tree.

    Debris removal and/or chipper: remove fallen limbs caused by storms or requested cutting. We will chip and remove or provide you with the mulch.

    Stump Removal: We Grind up stumps. This is an Additional Expense to be added to your
Estimate at time of Tree Removal. We also do this as a Separate job/service. We can carry this mulch away or give it to you. Please measure your stump around and its height.

Please fill out this Form so we can contact you. Thank you, Tim
 Tree Service
 Tree Pesticide Treatment
 Limb Removal
 Topping (we do not recommend this)
 Tree Removal
 Stump Removal
 Tree & Stump Removal
 Grind Up Old Stump
 Tree in Front Yard
 Tree in Backyard
 Bucket Truck will be Needed
 We want the wood.
 Please take all the debris away.
 We want the mulch.
Boom Truck in Front of House - Tim Corbin's Tree Service
Severely damaged tree that needs to be removed.
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