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Pruning and Pesticide

Pruning and Pesticide

Pruning your shrubs or roses or understory trees can be a mystery to most of us. Where do I cut? When do I cut? How much can I cut? Should I worry about bugs getting into the cut areas? Should I put a sealer on the cut area? Why didn't my shrub bloom and our question would be: "when did you cut it back? Maybe you cut off the buds for next year...." OR "when or did you fertilize your shrub?"

And there are the questioms about black spot on roses, powdery mildew, mites, white flies, galls on your trees, fungi growing on the base of your trees or bulges on your trees. The questions are many and so are the solutions.

Sometimes a chemical treatment injection is needed to keep a disease from spreading in your tree (s). Or there is  a gall (an insect that makes the tree provide a round ball attached to a limb for its home). Sometimes a fruit tree can get a black gooey substance on the branches or a black hard substance that is also a home for insects. Then there are "bag worms" and other worms to worry about.

Did you know that if you put mulch too close around your trees, you will be providing a home to mice (voles) that love to eat the bark and roots of your trees....not funny because you thought you were doing a good thing for your shrubs and trees.

So, unless you have experience in all of the above or have taken the Master Gardener's Class offered by the VA Extension Service, you probably need help. All of these questions and more are actually part of our Landscaping Service however, we can provide these services as an accessory job or provide you with an estimate to perform these services.

We want you to enjoy your yard and your valuable landscaping. But more than that, we want you to have healthy trees and plants.
Let us know how we can help you keep your valuable landscaping healthy and happy for years to come.
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