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Storm Damage

Really big fallen over stump we cut up at home.
Tim Corbins' Tree Service will be there for you when you have Storm Damage.

We safely remove storm damaged trees as a result of storms with high or directional winds may twist off limbs leaving jagged trunks or hanging limbs. A hanging limb may weigh several hundred pounds and let loose at any time resulting in personal injury or property loss. We will climb your tree for this situation or use our cable & crane-boom truck, making proper cuts and roping down the hanging limbs. If you have a tree or part of a tree on your house which cannot be accessed by our crew safely, we have a Crane.
If your home or business has any kind of Storm Damage the first thing you need to do is take plenty of photos as soon as possible. If the damage has also damaged the interior of your home or business also take photos there. Remember, even if you think there is enough outside or inside light, you should use your camera's flash. This will lighten the dark areas in your NEAR location, provide stop action which will make the photo sharper and provide more detail. Please do take larger than normal photos (higher resolution) if you have the choice & save.

Call your insurance company & even if no one answers, leave a message with your phone number & a short message including your name & address.

Give us a call & see if we can come inspect your property. We are available for Emergency Services. If we will need to use our crane to remove the tree on your roof, please let us know.

We are in Culpeper, it may take time for us to drive to your location if we are available. Your patience is requested.

Reimbursement: We will supply you with en estimate for your Insurance Company. We may not be the olny Tree removal company they will want to have estimates from. If you think the "low bidder" may not be the safest company & would rather choose Tim Corbin's Tree Service, you have the right to choose us. That doesn't mean we will be the high bidder, that means that there are alot of tree service companies out there that do not have our equipment or our safety record or they may not be licensed & insured. We want you to feel safe & know we will do our best to not only remove the tree (or trees), but we will clean up your property as well so the construction company will be able to start their repairs to your property.
 We need an estimate please.
 Tree on roof.
 Tree on garage.
 Tree on our business.
 Tree blocking our driveway.
 Tree blocking our parking lot.
 Tree leaning into another tree.
 Tree on top of a vehicle.
 Tree is on our deck.
 Tree will require your crane.
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